Welcome to SustainabilityThoughts - An Interactive Wikispace

I am hoping that this page will be our opportunity to share thoughts about Sustainable Design, Building Green, and creating a more sustainable lifestyle. Your comments, questions, and thoughts are very welcome, with the aim that by collaboration and networking we all can effect positive change in the world.

Knowledge in the area of Sustainable Design and Green Building is constantly growing and changing. By open sharing of information we are able to keep current and know what works and what doesn't, discover new sources, and support each other in our endeavors toward positive change . I welcome input from sustainability professionals, as well as questions and experiences from all others interested in participating.

I look forward to hearing from you !

Susan Davis, Certified Green Building Professional, Certified GreenPoint Rater, NARI Certified Green Professional
Design Principal at Spectrum Fine Homes, Inc.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi